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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Diet Food Can Actually Taste Yummy!

Posted by Anna Dedrick

One of the biggest reasons that people slip off their diets and eating plans is BOREDOM.

It's very easy to look at the foods allowed on your diet and see it as restrictive and mundane. Chicken four nights a week. Fish three times a week. Leafy greens till they’re coming out the wahzoo. Who wouldn't get bored?

Well, here’s the answer. Anyone with a good set of cookbooks and a healthy imagination can succeed here. Perk up your cabinet with spices and fill your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables, then look for novel ways to combine them.

Here are a handful of tips for yummy, healthy eating

1. Spice it up!

Spices are one of the quickest ways out of the diet doldrums. Rosemary and fennel with chicken, mint rubbed into pork, pepper and lemon mint on fresh fish - the 'blander' the food, the higher the effect of the spices.

2. Dress it up.

Fruit vinaigrette dressings make wonderful marinades for meats and dressings for warm or cold vegetables. Try broccoli drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette or cabbage spiced up with apple vinegar and pepper. Don’t be afraid of the vinegar word. Even if you’re not a fan of one vinaigrette, you might find yourself practically addicted to another!

2. Herb-infused olive oils - tarragon, ginger, fennel and more.

Give them a try! Use a little to start off with, and see if you like the flavors. You’d be really surprised at how tasty foods can be with these oils!

4. Low sodium soy sauce is a great way to flavor up just about anything.

5. Fruit

Dark leafy greens like spinach were practically designed to be eaten with mandarin oranges, raspberries or chunks of pineapple. Mandarin oranges are the primary reason I even started eating salads. And loving them.

Still need some help? Here are a few cookbooks to help you fight those diet boredom blues!

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook
Feta cheese makes any food tastier!

The South Beach Diet Cookbook
This book is packed with more than 200 recipes for delicious low-fat foods

American Heart Association Meals in Minutes
These recipes will have you leaving the fast food world far behind!

Joslin Diabetes Center's Vegetarian Diabetic Cookbook
Meatless and vegan recipes that are low fat, high fiber, and delicious! Just remember that low-fat doesn’t always mean healthy. Your body absolutely needs some intake of fat to function properly.

The Guilt-Free Gourmet
Famous cruise ship chef Sam Miles put together this wonderful cookbook from his six years traveling on ships as a cook.

Well, there you go! Now you don’t have to live with boring foods—even if you are eating healthy!

Posted by Anna Dedrick


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