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Saturday, December 03, 2005

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Does a Cholesterol Diet sound confusing?

Does a Cholesterol Diet sound confusing?

At first it doesn’t seem quite right, doesn’t it? But is seems that what we have here is actually just a slight misnomer.

Makes you think that cholesterol diets advocates the eating of more cholesterol, but the opposite is actually the case. Cholesterol diets are intended to lower the cholesterol in the bloodstream. There are some cholesterol diets that lower the total cholesterol count, and other cholesterol diets that increase the so-called good cholesterol in the bloodstream so it can combat the bad cholesterol that is there. Cholesterol diets are occasionally supplemented by cholesterol-lowering drugs. Most of the people who take cholesterol-lowering drugs wish the drugs would supplant their need for cholesterol diets, but this is not usually the case.

Cholesterol diets usually restrict specific foods from the diet, or limit the ingestion of those foods. Foods that are usually limited or banned for people on cholesterol diets include dairy products, eggs, and, sadly, shellfish. It is sad to think that such delectable foods as crab, shrimp, and lobster are high in cholesterol, but these are cholesterol-rich foods that are generally forbidden to people who are on low cholesterol diets.

But what really is cholesterol and why do we need to go on a cholesterol diet? Cholesterol is a waxy fat that is present in all human beings. Two sources contribute to the amount of cholesterol in the human body. First, the liver manufactures about 80 percent of it. Second, people consume it by eating animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy products. Cholesterol is carried through the bloodstream by certain proteins (apolipoproteins). When these proteins wrap around cholesterol and other types of fats lipids to transport them through the bloodstream, the resulting “packages” are called lipoproteins. There are four different types of lipoproteins that carry cholesterol through the bloodstream:

High-density lipoproteins (HDL), or “good” cholesterol.

Low-density lipoproteins (LDL), or “bad” cholesterol.

Very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL), or "very bad" cholesterol.

Chylomicrons, which carry only a small percentage of cholesterol. Chylomicrons are mostly rich in another type of fat (lipid) called triglycerides.

So why do we need to be wary of cholesterol?

To be more specific, what we need to avoid are LDL/VLDL. High levels of LDL/VLDL cholesterol have been associated with hardened arteries atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. In contrast, high levels of HDL cholesterol have been shown to reduce some of the harmful effects of LDL cholesterol. So if your physician decides that you are in need of a cholesterol diet, basically what you’re in for is this:

Since many foods high in total fat are also high in saturated fat, eating foods low in total fat will help you eat less saturated fat. When you do eat fat, you should substitute unsaturated monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat for saturated fat. Examples of foods high in monounsaturated fat are olive and canola oils, those high in polyunsaturated fat include safflower, sunflower, corn, and soybean oils.

Foods high in starch and fiber are excellent substitutes for foods high in saturated fat. Breads, cereals, pasta, grains, fruits, and vegetables - are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. They are also usually lower in calories than foods that are high in fat. Foods high in starch and fiber are also good sources of vitamins and minerals. Cholesterol diets are low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and high in fruits, vegetables, and grain products - like oat and barley bran and dry peas and beans. The antioxidant properties in certain (e.g. brightly colored) fruits and vegetables can reduce the effects of cholesterol. Point is, to damage artery walls, cholesterol must first be chemically changed through a process called oxidation. Antioxidants help prevent cholesterol from being chemically changed and help prevent cholesterol from moving out of the blood and into the lining of the blood vessels.

Dietary cholesterol also can raise your blood cholesterol level, although usually not as much as saturated fat. A cholesterol diet chooses foods low in dietary cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol is found only in foods that come from animals. Many of these foods also are high in saturated fat. Foods from plant sources do not have cholesterol but can contain saturated fat.

All in all, following a cholesterol diet will also help you to reduce calories, lose weight and reduce obesity. That doesn’t sound too bad, doesn’t it?

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Advantages of a Custom Fitness Program

The Advantages of a Custom Fitness Program

So why should you decide to get a custom fitness program? Most people, instead of customizing a fitness plan for themselves, resort to following fitness programs found in books and magazines. There are a lot of reasons why you should have your fitness program customized and this article will try to explain its fundamental advantages

Custom Fitness Program Advantage #1: You are unique—just like everybody else. Have you ever heard of that rather paradoxical statement? Well, it’s true. You are unique and because of this, results will be best achieved if you follow a fitness program that is tailored to your needs.

Custom Fitness Program Advantage #2: In relation to the first advantage of the custom fitness program, having the custom fitness program tailored to your needs will definitely take into consideration your schedule. Some people have enough time for the suggested 3-4 workouts every week. Others, however, will have to work around their schedule. Custom fitness programs will help you fix this problem.

Custom Fitness Program Advantage #3: Some custom fitness programs have member support group that’ll help you with your goal of getting fit. People have found that having a support group provides motivation and accountability. After all, when you’re only accountable to yourself, you’ll probably put some of your goals off for as long as you can.

Custom Fitness Program Advantage #4: The great thing about these programs is that they can be made based on the available equipment you have at home. The beauty of these kinds of programs is the fact that the program adjusts to you and not the other way around. You do not have to spend so much on expensive gym equipment.

Custom Fitness Program Advantage #5: Everyone has certain body part that he would like to change. You probably want flatter abs, bigger biceps, or a tighter butt. You are given the frequency, duration, and the kind of equipment to use as well as the number of sets and repetitions to achieve your desired results. If you’d like to concentrate more on a body part, you can get the fitness program customized to target that area.

Custom Fitness Program Advantage #6: Custom fitness programs, because they can be tailored to your needs, are open to change. Should you decide to focus your attention on the small of your back instead of your abs, you can change your program to target that particular area.

Custom Fitness Program Advantage #7: If you’ve been trying to get on that exercise regimen for quite some time and still haven’t been able to do it because of your schedule, you probably need to change your custom fitness plan. People change and your needs change over time. If you’re having trouble exercising, because you’re taking care of a new baby or moving to a new home, custom fitness plans can be changed to fit your schedule.

Custom Fitness Program Advantage #8:Programs such as these also take into consideration your budget, your dietary preferences as well as the kind of lifestyle you lead. Are you the very active type or are you one that only gets moderate exercise? Do you have a lot of time to eat or are you always on the go? What are the types of food you eat? Are you fond of eating fastfood? These are some of the things the custom fitness program takes into consideration.

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Basic Strength Training

Basic Strength Training

Want to improve your health, lose weight, and get your feel-good emotions pumped up? Then start basic strength training. Many people do not realize the benefits of a good basic strength training program. No matter who you are, you can live and feel better through basic strength training. Remember that stronger muscles and bones mean better health, lower cholesterol, more endurance, and of course, a more attractive physique.

Basic strength training also increases physical performance and decreases risk of injury. No matter what your physique currently is, it is important to get into a basic strength training program.

Basic strength training is also not just for the young. In fact, older people need it more, in order to slow the reduction in muscle strength that comes with aging due to decreased activity. Inactive adults are said to lose approximately 30 to 40 percent of their strength by age 65. Basic strength training can reduce this loss keeping us functioning better and longer. If you're over 50, strength training can be your new best friend.

The main goal of basic strength training is to build and maintain strength and power in the muscle to be able to perform activity. One should do basic strength training first before progressing to more advanced and more specific training.

There is a lot of strength training programs and theories, most of them designed for advanced exercisers. But do not worry, if you are just getting started, you can also do basic strength training. Anyone can do it, and you do not need state-of-the-art fitness equipments like skate machines, treadmills, step machines, and stationary cycles nor do you have to be an athlete to go into basic strength training. There is also no need to sign up in a gym. Basic strength training is also one of the fastest workouts. Three 20-minute sessions a week of basic strength training can do the job.

Basic strength training can be done at home, or at work, or practically anywhere. You can do a lot of basic strength training exercises and workouts to get you in shape and accommodate your busy schedule. Brisk walking for ten minutes would be a fun part of a basic strength training program. This will increase your blood circulation while you are enjoying the nice view outside
your house. Basic strength training can also include doing two sets of squats. This will help strengthen the legs and buttocks. To strengthen the arms, shoulders, and chest, you can do pushback. You can do it anywhere as long as there is a wall, making basic strength training accessible.

You can also do basic strength training for the calves and ankles by simply lifting the balls of your feet then lowering your ankles back to the floor afterwards. Knee extension is also a good part of basic strength training. It is also beneficial to people with arthritis. Basic strength training can also be done with just simple leg curls and doing hand grips.

In basic strength training, you can also make use of dumbbells and ankle weights, resistance bands or cords. You may also use a couple of soup cans, water or milk jugs – items you can already find in your house. Experts recommend that beginners start basic strength training 1-2 days a week and then slowly work up to 3 times a week, with 1 full day of rest between workouts to allow muscles to recover.

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Weight Loss

Weight loss is everybody’s desire in the nation of the United States of America where one-third of the total population is suffering from the problem of obesity. To achieve the goal of required weight loss, a person needs to indulge into a proper set of healthy lifestyle that includes healthy eating and regular exercising.

Changing the way of living is very important for an effective weight loss regime. Some people successfully reduce some pounds out of their body at once but gradually they regain the lost weight. Thus all you require to achieve permanent weight loss is a daily set of exercise and a well balanced diet.

Balanced diet means having food in a proportionate manner. It plays a vital role in your weight loss program. A balanced diet is a diet or food intake of all the useful nutrients in the body in the certain balanced form. Other minerals and vitamins are as important as proteins in your diet. The weight loss occurs due to the right combination of work out and the diet intake.

The body mechanism of human beings is complex one. To understand the basics of weight loss, you must understand the complete working of the human body. It is important for you to have knowledge about the fat burning system. The system that is used to burn fat, and is effective during weight loss is called metabolism.

When the fat level in the body increases, it raises the quantity of fluid called insulin. And when the insulin is more, your weight reduction becomes difficult. If you want to cut weight and maintain it over a longer period of time, your metabolism should be good. Weight loss is a result of extreme hard work and a strong self-discipline.

Posted by Jeff Dedrick
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Can Quick Weight Loss Really Work?

Quick weight loss is promised by diets all the time. "Lose 10 pounds over night," the ads will scream. Most people know in the back of their mind that quick weight loss is either not healthy or is a short term fix.

Most quick weight loss pounds are only water. Your body will flush water out of your system and the scale will show a quick weight loss of 3 to 10 pounds. The quick weight loss is however short lived. The second you drink any fluids your body will hold the water and your quick weight loss will disappear.

The short tem success of quick weight loss in a low carb diet is also this loss of water. Dieters are excited when they see the quick weight loss however this excitement is short lived. Once carbs are introduced back into their diet, boom, there goes the quick weight loss.

Instead of being suckered into all the quick weight loss claims, why don't your try these common sense weight loss tips to use when dining out to help you achieve long term success. You won't see a quick weight loss by following these tips but you will see some really great long term changes in your body.

1.) If you must have a dessert, split it with a friend.

2.) Start your meal with soup and a salad. If you fill up on healthy foods first, you may eat less of the high calorie entries.

3.) Immediately ask for a box to go and place half of your meal in it. Not only will you cut calories but you now have an entire additional meal for later.

4.) Ask for non-fat or low-fat dressing on the side when ordering your salad. You can then control the portion size. A high calorie dressing can add 200-400 additional calories to your health salad.

5.) At a fast food restaurant, always order the small size. Did you know a super size French fry at Mc Donald's is 29g grams of fat and 610 calories??

Once again, these simple restaurant tips will not result in quick weight loss but if you start using these and other weight loss tips every day, you will start seeing the long term success you truly deserve. Always think long term and don't be tricked by diets that promise "incredible quick weight loss"

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Easy Weight Loss - Is there such a thing??

Easy Weight Loss - Is there such a thing??

Most diets promise easy weight loss. They tell you there will be no sweating, no exercise and no hard work. If there was such a product that delivered this easy weight loss then no one would be overweight and we know this isn’t true.

There is really no such thing as easy weight loss. At a minimum, you will have to make an effort and change what you have been doing that caused you to gain extra weight.

You will have to change your habits and your way of thinking about food and how you live your life. Once you do change your habits and it becomes a part of your everyday routine, then you will actually see easy weight loss.

Most diets don’t talk about emotional eating. You must try to figure out why you are eating. Are you sad or depressed? Angry or even bored? Before you see this “easy” weight loss, you must discover the true reasons your are overeating.
Discovering your reasons will be your first step in changing your habits.

If you find you are overeating every night because of boredom, you now know you need to find an activity for that time. Call a friend, read a book or better yet, go for a walk. This will not only keep you from overeating but the increased activity will lead to easy weight loss.

Did you know that people will think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty? Most Americans are dehydrated and the simple act of drinking water will help with your easy weight loss.

A change in some of your grocery store habits can lead to easy weight loss as well. Try around the outside of the store first before heading into the inner ones (which contain the higher calorie snacks, etc.).

Don’t eat in front of the TV! I will guarantee you easy weight loss if you can stop this bad habit! The boob tube can be hypnotic and you can eat an entire bag of chips without even realizing it.

Switch to diet pop or water. By cutting back on high calorie soda, you will see immediate easy weight loss.

Easy weight loss is a myth without putting in some effort. With a little hard work and determination, you will eventually see easy weight loss and reach your long term goals.

Posted By Anna Dedrick

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Weight Loss FAQs

Weight Loss FAQs

If you’re wondering if you should start a diet, take a look at these frequently asked questions about losing weight.

1. How much should I weigh?
More important than how much you weigh is your body/mass index, which measures your height against your weight. Muscle weighs more than fat, so two people the exact same height can both weigh 150. One could look slim and trim, and the other person appear pudgy. The best bet is to check with your doctor on this one.

2. What's the best weight loss diet?
No magic answer on this one. Any diet that provides all the nutrition that you need for health, fewer calories than your body burns regularly wins the vote.

3. How can I keep off the weight?
First off, if you’ve lost weight gradually, chances are you’ve made some vital changes in your diet. Re-educating yourself about food is all part of the keeping it off game. The secret to keeping weight off is to balance your energy needs with your food intake.

4. How often should I weigh?
Once a week or less is plenty. Really a much more accurate measure of your loss is your clothing size. If your clothing is feeling looser, you're doing well 4. Does obesity cause diabetes?

5. How do I beat sugar cravings?
One of the best ways I’ve found to do this is to add more raw vegetables in my diet. Eating a salad a day helps keep my cravings under control. Watch out for 'hidden' sugars. like high fructose corn syrup and sucrose. These add lots of calories.

6. Do I really have to exercise?
You don’t have to exercise formally if you make an effort to get in at least 30 minutes of activity daily. You can get it walking, running, cleaning your house - anything active burns calories.

7. What's a calorie?
A calorie is a “measure of energy”. Foods are rated with calories based on the amount of energy they provide to your body when you eat them.

8.Does overeating cause diabetes?
Obesity increases the risks of many medical conditions, diabetes being one of them. People who are more than ten percent overweight seriously increase their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

9. Can I lose weight without a major diet change?
If you only need to lose a small amount of weight and your diet is generally healthy, you can lose weight by increasing your activity level to burn more calories. If your diet is unhealthy, or if you're more than a few pounds overweight, you really need to learn a more healthy way of eating, so that you don’t put the weight back on when you go back to 'normal' eating.

10. Should I eat fish on my diet?
Fish is high protein, low saturated fat, and high in omega 3 fatty acids. Some doctors recommend eating as much as 10 servings of fish per week. Try to eat fish, as they’re less likely to be contaminated with mercury.

Posted by Jeff Dedrick